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How to Stay Self-Motivated All the Time (PART 2)

Continued from PART 1: How to Stay Self-Motivated All the Time
Remember Your Accomplishments: Be quick to remember that time you did something awesome. Remember you successes; write them down if need be. Mere reference to these accomplishments can give you that push you need.
Emulate Your Mentors: You know those people you look up to yeah? Those ones that have gone ahead of you, ask questions, listen to them, and read about them. Study how they have accomplished the things you are trying to accomplish, let them serve as a guide. Let them inspire you.

See Failure As A Path To Success: Most people fail to do what needs to be done because of fear of failure. In truth, you have failed only when you do not do what needs to be done. See failure as just another process of learning – a path to success. It is not to stop you but to motivate you to do better. Get up from your bottom and do what needs to be done. If you fail at it, try again. Read more

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How to Stay Self-Motivated All the Time (PART 1)

You know those times when you feel as though you need someone to push to do a particular task yeah? That is you being so unmotivated that you think you need someone else’s help. What if you could motivate yourself and not need someone to push you? What if you can actually stay motivated all the time? Well…you actually can.

Here are various simple ways you can stay self-motivated all the time.

1. Reward Yourself:
Make an agreement with yourself to reward yourself after every/ a particular feat is achieved. Reward yourself with something you really want to get; whether small or large. Don’t just make an agreement with yourself; see to it that you walk in line with that agreement. For instance, tell yourself “if I land me this contract, I’ll get me a car” or “when I’m done cleaning, I’d get a cup of ice cream”. Don’t get that reward until you execute the set task. The desire for a car will propel you to landing the contract. Read more

GAMIFICATION: The Fun Way To Tackling Procrastination

In a previous article, I talked about how we could tackle procrastination. So I told myself that my next article would talk about games and playing games could help us tackle the issue of procrastination.
Now there’s a little problem here… most of us procrastinate so we could do something “more fun” and games are fun. Our mobile phones have made it easier to get distracted and carried away by gaming. You know how you don’t go get groceries just because you want to finish a level of candy crush or temple run…that is exactly what I am talking about.

So am I still going to recommend a game or games that can help tackle procrastination? Yes.

Why do we play games? The answer is simple. We play games because they are fun. And the rush we get from accomplishing a gaming task motivates us to play more. Even when the next task seems harder, we still play. Accomplishment and rewards motivate us to do more.
Human beings are weird to want to play and have fun and also to seek rewards than engagement – unless that engagement is fun. Read more


4 Tips to Help You Tackle Procrastination

How many times have you said to yourself “tsek…I’d do it later” and then forget to do it or not do it at all. The thing about tomorrow is that it never truly comes.
So why do everything tomorrow? A Spanish proverb says “tomorrow is always the busiest day of the week”. If that is true, why to plan to do what you can do now tomorrow.
Procrastination is not planning for tomorrow, don’t get me wrong. It is planning to do tomorrow, what you can do now. Procrastination is something that should be tackled. The danger in procrastination is in that when it becomes a habit, you risk NOT getting the important things done and eventually cause a negative effect on productivity and cause regrets.

So how can we tackle this issue that is procrastination? In this article are 4 tips to help you tackle procrastination. Read on.

1. Start Doing

This is obviously the opposite of procrastination. Planning to do something in the future is great. But don’t get too comfortable with planning that you actually don’t do anything about it. Many times too often, I hear people say “I have a perfect plan and I’m waiting for the perfect time”. Read more

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4 Tips to Maintaining a Happy Life | Reinvent Yourself

Happiness is something everybody wants from life. Happiness is good fortune, contentment, pleasure, and joy. People sometimes expect that events that happen to them would make them happy i.e expecting life to make lemonade instead of giving you lemons. You are in control of your life and how happy you feel. People sometimes, unconsciously and easily rob themselves of their happiness. It takes little to make you happy. It is also quite easy.
In this article, you will be seeing four tips to maintaining a happy life. Read on.

1. Spend time with “the positives”

Spend time with positive people and positive thoughts. Avoid people that tend to bring you down emotionally. Sometimes we don’t on our own dwell on negative thoughts that make us sad. Stop it. The law of attraction says that you attract what you think of and your emotional state is the reflection of what you think of. If you find you are not happy, it is very likely that your mind is focused on a negative thought.

2. Be proactive and get rid of procrastination.

Read more