I currently own and manage a private coaching/Consulting practice – Intervention Plus – serving a variety of clients working on achieving results in both their personal and professional lives. I am also a managing partner in Ca La Dozzi, LLC a company committed to the expansion of Emotional Intelligence through the development of educational and entertaining products.

  • Graduate, U of M Certified Professional Coach Training Institute
  • Reinvention Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Certified Addiction Therapist
  • Certified Intervention Specialist
  • Seminar  Former Leader with Landmark Education, Transformational Seminar

My experience in coaching started in the corporate arena over nineteen years ago when I head coached a coaching program as part of the training and development for new leaders.


My coaching programs promise to deliver ‘anything one wants’.  But ‘what one wants’ is often unknown (or different than what one thinks one wants).  In my programs, one’s adventure is customized (like the dream sequence in the movie “Total Recall”).

Clients may get decades of extra years added to their life, resurrect a relationship that died long ago, or heal an ulcer or back pain.  Nightmares from an alcoholic upbringing or sexual assault could vanish forever in my programs.  They may gain a personal relationship with the woman of their dreams or a relationship with God.  They might rediscover their kids, or save themselves from destruction. Maybe their mother will get their son back, or their wife will get back a husband that she hasn’t seen since the honeymoon.

My programs are about creating new possibilities for their life. I provide a new kind of adventure.  It’s totally transformational, not just exciting.

My programs are for professional athletes interested in the mental aspects of sports performance, movement, health, fitness, business, the arts, achievement, work-life balance, stress control, and peak performance.

What Is Reinvention Coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps clients re-invent themselves in order to learn and master proficiency in their mental skills. It utilizes a transformational model to develop performers’ psychological skills. Coaches are experts in transformational, mindset coaching and peak performance enhancement. Through the implementation of a systematic training program, Reinvention coaches train their clients to achieve a high level of psychological skill proficiency

What Is A Reinvention Coach?

Pro golfing legend Tiger Woods has one. So does Andy Murray, Olympic tennis Gold Medalist. Almost every college pro team, major league pro sports team and Olympic team has one. Virtually every pro golfer and pro tennis player has one. High School athletes are starting to turn to one in order to make that push to get that college athletic scholarship. What do they have? A Reinvention Coach. These top sports stars are smart. They’re good already. Even great. Some are all-stars and superstars. Why do “they” have a mindset coach? They want to maintain their excellence. And, they want to get better. They want every edge they can get, because they know their opponents have this mental advantage.

A Reinvention coach is a blend of peak performance coach, counselor, consultant, educator, mental guide and mental mentor. We are trained as facilitators in learning and performance.

A Reinvention coach can help players in the arenas of awareness, learning, development, change, habit formation, performance, coaching, mentoring, managing, and leading.

I am particularly skilled at helping players with critical performance issues like: Performance Anxiety, Choking, Focus, Goal-Setting and Achievement, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Mental Preparation, Self-Discipline, Getting in the Zone, Slumps and Confidence, Hecklers and Psych-outs, Performing under Pressure, The Fear of Success, The Fear of Failure, The Imposter Syndrome.

Why Should Anyone Use A Reinvention Coach?

One needs solid mental skills that will repeat under pressure. They need mental proficiency under the most difficult circumstances. A Reinvention coach helps one learns and master the following critical skills:

Block out negative thoughts *Become more confident and believe in themselves more *Focus on appropriate cues in a performance *Handle the stress of competitions *Deal better with difficult personalities in sport *Communicate better with coaches, parents and teammates *Prepare mentally before practices, drills and events *Stop self-sabotage *Trust their trained abilities and natural skills when it counts *Play closer to their potential more often * Handle the fear of failure *Reduce anxiety that can cripple performance *Enjoy the sport experience more *Set smart goals that get results
Deal with the adversity inherent in sport *Recover from mistakes and stay in the moment *Get into the zone more often

The Tools Of Reinvention Coaching I impart to my clients are:

*Assertiveness Training *Attention/Concentration Control Training *Autogenic Training
*Breath work Training *Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches *Communication Training
*Conflict Management Skills *Emotional Intelligence *Life Balance Coaching *Mental Skills Training *Mental Practice *Mental Readiness Skills *Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction *Motivation And Goal Setting *Problem Solving Skills *Self-Regulation Techniques *Visualization

The Tools Of Reinvention Coaching I impart to my clients are:

I offer individual Reinvention coaching in person, or by video conferencing using Skype.

I have discounted packages for those that train with me. I offer sessions at 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

Team Reinvention Coaching

I offer individual Reinvention coaching to groups and teams. I travel to their site.

All speaking and training fees are quoted on a custom basis after we determine their needs by speaking with them.


Lastly, I offer unconditional Guarantee: My coaching is unconditionally guaranteed. If at any time there’s any question or concern about my programs, once contacted I will make it right. I will do everything possible to make sure that my clients reach their goals. If I am unable to resolve their concerns, I guarantee their money back.