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How to Be Mentally Prepared For A New Role

Share Pin Have you ever been suddenly thrust into a new role for the team and questioned if you were prepared? Having a new role on a team can be an anxious time, even if it is for a few games or one competition. Athletes get sick or injured all the time and you have […]

The Psychology Of Words And The Young Athlete

Share Pin Young athletes live in a pretty strange world. So many adults saying things to them but no one really communicating. Its hard enough for them to decipher one adult’s vague instructions but then have to blend the mixed messages of parents and coaches. Ken Taylor, former NFL cornerback for the 1985 Super Bowl […]

Four keys to Attaining Peak Performance in Sports

Share Pin I relate with athletes at many levels of game, from juniors to collegians to professionals and Olympians, and a major aim that I assist them to attain is consistent peak performance. I see such a lot of athletes who’ve huge swings in their performances from amazing one week to mediocre to even awful […]

PEAK PERFORMANCE: Balancing Fun and Seriousness in Sports

If you have been in the sports world for long, you must have met athletes who are overall goofs. The ones who don’t take the game too seriously, make jokes or remarks to attempt to make their teammates chuckle, and who don’t spend an excessive amount of time thinking about the game because they’re just […]


If we were to peer inside an athlete’s mind while he was in the middle of a great game, we would consistently find a number of predictable mental elements present. The presence of these mental components creates the special internal environment within the athlete that enables the peak performance to happen, fuels the athlete’s motivation, […]


We have become so familiar with the phrase “peak performance”. We know that peak performance is not only attained by working hard physically but also by being mentally fit and tough. Mental toughness is the prerequisite to achieving peak performance. You have to be ready to face adversities head on and without being anxious. Being […]


Everyone talks a lot about being confident. Parents tell their kids, coaches tell their athletes ‘be confident…you can do it”. Confidence is more than a mantra. Confidence is a skill that can be developed. As a matter of fact, it is the most important skill anyone can have. It is what differentiates a high performing […]

Examining Peak Performance: So, What Should My Self-Talk Be?

Many mental conditioning coaches and sports psychologists have begun to emphasize positive self-talk. It is considered an important tool in the attainment of peak performance and a key component in the mindset necessary for peak performance. However, most experts are pretty simplistic in their use of positive self-talk: just say positive things to yourself and […]

How to Stay Self-Motivated All the Time (PART 2)

Continued from PART 1: How to Stay Self-Motivated All the TimeRemember Your Accomplishments: Be quick to remember that time you did something awesome. Remember you successes; write them down if need be. Mere reference to these accomplishments can give you that push you need. Emulate Your Mentors: You know those people you look up to […]

How to Stay Self-Motivated All the Time (PART 1)

You know those times when you feel as though you need someone to push to do a particular task yeah? That is you being so unmotivated that you think you need someone else’s help. What if you could motivate yourself and not need someone to push you? What if you can actually stay motivated all […]