If we were to peer inside an athlete’s mind while he was in the middle of a great game, we would consistently find a number of predictable mental elements present. The presence of these mental components creates the special internal environment within the athlete that enables the peak performance to happen, fuels the athlete’s motivation, and keeps him involved in the sport over the long haul.

Having a general awareness of these performance elements is absolutely essential for your success as an athlete, coach, or parent.

If you can deliberately integrate these elements into your daily training and competitions, then you’ll be well on your way to achieving a mentally and physically tough strategy that can only lead to excellence and success.

Here are 7 principles to peak performance: Read more

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Three Incentives for Peak Performance – How to Attain Peak Performance

A performance car is one that is built specifically for speed. A Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is one of such performance cars. Why are cars like this different from other class of cars? The answer is in Engine. The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a GT that has a roaring 6.3-litre V12 engine with a whopping 730BHP. For those who don’t know much about engines, this is what gives the Ferrari the horsepower and torque to give you the drive of your life.

You may be wondering why this little car review. Truth is to be an individual looking to attain peak performance at whatever we do, we must see ourselves as cars and understand the kind of engine that drives us. We need to have an idea of what propels us to peak performance.

To have an idea of this incentive, you must ask yourself the most important questions every successful performer has asked. “Why do I do what I do?” Many of us do the things we do for the wrong reasons. These reasons don’t give us enough drive. I have heard people say “I do it for the money”. What happens in a setting where there isn’t as much finance, they become less efficient. I.e. they decrease in performance rate.

I don’t know why you do what you do, but to attain peak performance at it, you need to know that there are only three(3) answers to these questions that will be able to give you the required horsepower and torque for peak performance. These are the right incentives for peak performance. Read more

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5 Habits That Will Help You Attain an Improved Work-Life Balance

Attaining a good work-life balance is one of the challenges we face as individuals trying to achieve peak performance. People say that juggling work and life isn’t an easy task. However true that may be, this article will show you five (5) stunning habits you must possess to attain a steady and improved work-life balance.

To attain an improved work-life balance, it is important that you know how to set for yourself smart goals. Know what it is you want from both life and work. Focus on doing everything possible to achieve this set goal. Do not waste time doing things that are of little or no importance. Know what needs to be done and do it. This process requires that you sit, think and strategize.

2. HAVE A TO-DO LIST: Read more

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3 Ways to Get Your Brain to Stay Active – Peak Performance

In other to attain and sustain peak performance in your career and everyday living, you must have a functional and highly active brain. Yes! A key to reinventing yourself is to begin exercising the muscles of your brain.

Here are some tips on how to increase the functionality of your brain for peak performance, some are:
1. Get sufficient sleep
Sleeping sufficiently is a vital part of a healthy living, and is advantageous to one’s heart, body mass, soul, and mind. Having enough sleep generally, affects the quality of life.
While you sleep, you can reinforce memories or “repetition” skills acquired while you were wide-awake (it’s a method termed Consolidation). Our mind is unexpectedly working while we nap. Sleep withdrawal can damage some of our brain systems that are in charge of cognitive capabilities and performance. Read more


Book Review – (Three Books on Negotiation that You Must Read)

Ne·go·ti·a·tion: /nəˌɡōSHēˈāSH(ə)n/

According to oxford dictionary, Negotiation can be defined as Discussion(s) aimed at reaching an agreement, or the action or process of transferring legal ownership of a document.

Synonyms of the word include discussion, talks, parleying, consultation(s), deliberation, conference, dialogue, debate, mediation, intercession, arbitration, conciliation; bargaining, haggling, dickering, wheeling, and dealing.

Negotiation is a combination of information, influence, and attitude. As human beings, we have to face the choice of making decisions about important things. A typical example is making decisions with family members. This could be really frustrating; your wife says “Let’s watch Tv”, but you feel like going out to the movies. Another example is having to bargain about your income in a job interview, we all know the hassle.

These 3 books will give you great insights about the process of negotiation, be it at high-stakes negotiations or everyday bargaining.

1. Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
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Increase Creativity for Peak Performance

5 Ways to Increase Your Creativity for Peak Performance

1. Use Your Creative powers
The first thing you need to do to increase Creativity for Peak Performance is to constantly create. No solitary action will reveal more artistic powers than compelling one’s self to create regularly. For each and every one of us, that may mean something different.

To a photographer, capturing portraits, making lightning adjustments over and over until the flawless picture is taken. To a musician, it may mean composing a song over and over until it sounds right. To great writers, this means writing and rewriting like 100 times or more, To a Software developer it means writing a program and ensuring that all the bugs are out., or caring for the customers you serve until you know them better than they know themselves.

2. Think in 3D Perspectives Read more

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Playing Games is Important in Human Development. Here’s why!

Mind and brain development are constant topics people research about all year round. A lot of people want to know how to improve their memory through different means; one of the important means according to research is playing games. How does gaming help us in our everyday living?
I have experiences with playing games like Lego building blocks at a young age to Video games like super Mario and the likes. I would say most of exciting relationship I built while growing up is by playing games. This post focuses on the importance of gaming in positive human development. Games entertain and bring people together through competitive, strategic alliances and helps build us mentally. Here are several ways gaming helps in us in our daily living:

Gaming reinforces our social bonds and develops trust; these are key factors in any positive relationship. The more positive relationships you have in real life, the contented, healthier and more successful you are. One important point to note is that playing with real-life friends and family is better than playing alone or with strangers. A Useful rule-of-thumb: endeavor to make half of your gaming social. If you play 7 hours a week, attempt to play face-to-face with real-life friends for at least 4 of those hours. Read more

Re-invent yourself for peak performance

Reinvention is becoming a very trendy term these days. There are different ways to describe reinvention, but the most precise one defines reinvention as an activity that includes fundamental changes in the lifestyle of one individual to enhance the quality of life. In other words, reinvention allows people to unleash their complete potential and become the person they have always wanted to be


Regardless of your fields of endeavor or your past, you can always re-invent yourself at any period of your life and be in the top 10% most successful people in your field.

There are situations when feeling unsatisfied, unhappy and/or stagnated gives us the energy and motivation for the much-needed transformation. People should understand that it is possible to change their physical appearance, their career and their relationships with other people.

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Turn your potential into the peak performance that will send you to the top


Don’t settle for being good – let me help you to re-invent yourself, achieve greatness and translate your potential into real and outstanding accomplishments 

Greatness comes from boldness, not from birth.

If you think that peak performers were born that way, think again. The most admirable and inspiring top performers that you find in any field were trained to become the models of excellence that makes them so respected.

What got them there was a key ingredient – they were brave,committed and humble enough to re-invent themselves so that they could be on their best performance.


The good news is that this is also within your reach – and The Re-invention Coach is here to bring that directly into your life.

The Peak is Yours, I only help you to get there.

My name is Paul Laroche and I am a Peak Performance Coach. Throughout my life, I have seen that, with the proper guidance, any person can re-invent themselves and jump directly into the elite performers in their field. Indeed, I’ve witnessed that joining the 10% club of peak performers in any area is only a matter of deciding to do it – and being coached to effectively execute that decision. Read more

The Re-Invention Coach Boosting up Young athletes to Great Sportspersons

The Re-Invention Coach Boosting up Young athletes to Great Sportspersons

The Re-Invention Coach has assured to help aspiring athletes and performers to re-invent themselves with seasoned transformational coaching that would take their performance to peak levels, undeterred by pressures & stresses. 

Place and Date will be announced in November:

Being a pro athlete is not just accolades& great wealth. The millions of dollars and soaring fame that come with the pro stature are also accompanied by tremendous pressure which has destroyed many potential careers. But not anymore- The Re-Invention Coach has assured to educate/guide/train/ and support the aspiring athletes with solid transformational coaching that would translate their potential into real outstanding accomplishments, despite the many obstacles they will encounter along the way.

Led by peak performance coach Paul Laroche, The Re-Invention Coach is all about helping anybody with the necessary skills when he or she is looking forward to reaching the top 10% of his or her field. Laroche is supported by a robust team of seasoned peak performance coaches in his endeavor. Read more