PEAK PERFORMANCE: Balancing Fun and Seriousness in Sports

If you have been in the sports world for long, you must have met athletes who are overall goofs. The ones who don’t take the game too seriously, make jokes or remarks to attempt to make their teammates chuckle, and who don’t spend an excessive amount of time thinking about the game because they’re just in it to have fun. Perhaps they’re new in the game or perhaps they simply have a lighthearted personality but these athletes don’t care an awful lot about coming top or dropping so long as they have a very good time. Let’s call this group of athletes the “in it for fun” athletes.

You’ve probably also met athletes who are way too serious about the game. Who seemingly don’t have any capability for jokes or laughter because they’re too busy over-analyzing each flow, putting in extra exercise runs, and going above and beyond what’s required of them. These athletes place too much emphasis on the final results of games and are deeply impacted by losses or setbacks. They’ve lost all sense of enjoyment and have entered “the risk region” because they run the threat of hurting themselves by ignoring injuries, becoming burned out, and quitting from stress overload. Let’s call this group of athletes the “overly serious” athletes. Read more