Paul Laroche

  • Graduate, U of M Certified Professional Coach Training Institute
  • Peak Performance Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Certified Addiction Therapist
  • Certified Intervention Specialist
  • Former Designated Seminar Leader with Landmark Education, Transformational Seminar
  • Graduate, Florida Post Graduate Sex Therapy Institute
  • Leader, numerous Personal Growth & Motivational Workshops
  • Business Owner & Manager
  • Member International Coach Federation

I currently own and manage a private coaching/Consulting practice – The Reinvention Coaching Systems – serving a variety of clients working on achieving results in both their personal and professional lives.


My experience in coaching started in the corporate arena over nineteen years ago when I head coached a Leadership training program as part of the training and development for new leaders.


As a mental game coach, I have coached athletes from junior high schools to the professional arenas.
My coaching programs promise to deliver ‘anything one wants’.  But ‘what one wants’ is often unknown (or different than what one thinks one wants).  In my programs, one’s adventure is customized (like the dream sequence in the movie “Total Recall”).

Clients may get decades of extra years added to their professional and personal lives, or heal an ulcer or back pain that quite frequently hinder their ability to perform at their peak.  Nightmares from an alcoholic upbringing or sexual assault could vanish forever in my programs.

My programs are about helping athletes create new possibilities for their life, thus reinventing themselves as peak performers. I provide a new kind of adventure.  It’s totally transformational, not just exciting.

My programs are for professional athletes interested in the mental aspects of sports performance, movement, health, fitness, business, the arts, achievement, work-life balance, stress control, and peak performance.