Increase Creativity for Peak Performance

5 Ways to Increase Your Creativity for Peak Performance

1. Use Your Creative powers
The first thing you need to do to increase Creativity for Peak Performance is to constantly create. No solitary action will reveal more artistic powers than compelling one’s self to create regularly. For each and every one of us, that may mean something different.

To a photographer, capturing portraits, making lightning adjustments over and over until the flawless picture is taken. To a musician, it may mean composing a song over and over until it sounds right. To great writers, this means writing and rewriting like 100 times or more, To a Software developer it means writing a program and ensuring that all the bugs are out., or caring for the customers you serve until you know them better than they know themselves.

2. Think in 3D Perspectives

Individuals that have successfully increased their creativity for peak performance often finds a new solution to a challenge from a viewpoint that no one else has thought of. They achieve this by thinking in three or four dimensions with analysis, caution, and calculation. A time, it may be required of an individual to abandon an initial approach and embrace/hypothesize another possible solution.

3. Be Focused and Passionate
Most creative thinkers are passionate about what they do, I believe that this is what gives them the drive to focus sternly on whatever task their hands finds to do. To be a great thinker you have to set your mind on the end goal by putting so much concentration and hard work. Most creative thinkers have been called foolish, simply because they believed in what no one else did and put all they had into it.

4. Be flexible
Be open to change and natural occurrences that you have no control over. Natural incidents may be weather changes that affect your video shoot, a mishap or even the office assistance spilling coffee on you r table. In life, things do not always go the way we plan them out. You have to train yourself to embrace and accept change. It is through these changes that some of the most creative ideas has emerged; that is through unplanned events.

5. Ask Questions
Questions and learning are brothers and sisters, they go along pretty well. Often times we may get laughed at for asking questions that seem stupid, but after the whole fan fair, we get to learn what we may have never know before. Geniuses ask questions to eliminate misperception. Always ask questions even though it may seem senseless.

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