The Re-Invention Coach Boosting up Young athletes to Great Sportspersons

The Re-Invention Coach Boosting up Young athletes to Great Sportspersons

The Re-Invention Coach has assured to help aspiring athletes and performers to re-invent themselves with seasoned transformational coaching that would take their performance to peak levels, undeterred by pressures & stresses. 

Place and Date will be announced in November:

Being a pro athlete is not just accolades& great wealth. The millions of dollars and soaring fame that come with the pro stature are also accompanied by tremendous pressure which has destroyed many potential careers. But not anymore- The Re-Invention Coach has assured to educate/guide/train/ and support the aspiring athletes with solid transformational coaching that would translate their potential into real outstanding accomplishments, despite the many obstacles they will encounter along the way.

Led by peak performance coach Paul Laroche, The Re-Invention Coach is all about helping anybody with the necessary skills when he or she is looking forward to reaching the top 10% of his or her field. Laroche is supported by a robust team of seasoned peak performance coaches in his endeavor.

According to Laroche, greatness emerges from boldness and IS NOT necessarily something that is inborn. Peak performers were never born great. In fact, the most inspiring and admirable top performers were actually trained to come up as icons of excellence that has earned them the immense respect today.


“Do not settle for just being good. Your focus should be on ‘greatness’ which comes from continuously reinventing yourself even in the midst of daily pressure of life. All the top performers we know today were brave, humble and committed enough to take them through re-invention so that they can come up with their best. The great news is that your re-invention is well within your reach now. The Re-Invention Coach is here to help you in re-inventing yourself so that you can truly achieve the desired greatness & translate the buzzing potential in you into actual outstanding accomplishments. ”, stated Laroche.


A veteran certified professional coach & therapist since 1995, Laroche has helped many in the US & overseas -to re-think their expectations &views, re-configure their perception about themselves, re-claim their abilities & self-confidence as well as re-fine their execution & planning powers. The re-invention coaching from Laroche has enabled his trainees in fully & tangibly recreating their lives as per their goals & ambitions.


So, what exactly the Re-invention Coach has to offer?


  • Peak performance training by an accomplished and seasoned transformational mentor, an achiever himself and is dedicated to help his trainees become peak performers in their lives.
  • An inspirational journey which would encourage the trainee to discover his true passion and lessons on how to turn those into driving power to accomplish their goalsand fulfill on their life’s dreams.
  • Fundamental training on how to gain the winning focus,

Assess mental strength to become smarter & sharper

Build solid commitment to desired goals,

Fine-tune self-image & strengthen confidence and master great communication skills.


The trainees will also learn how to be an expert in 3D’s: Dedication, Determination,& Discipline.


“Our re-invention training will assist you in developing, internalizing and incorporating the necessary life & coping skills to effectively deal with the pressure in becoming a pro athlete especially when you are hindered bylife’s many problems including but not limited to a lower socio economic status or lack of father figures.”


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